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Local Search - Restaurants, hotels, bars, books, shopping, train, banks, schools, malls, clothing

Search for Restaurants, hotels, bars, books, shopping, train, banks, schools, malls, clothing
Frequently Asked Questions

What is MashSpots?

MashSpots is a map based seach tool, which makes local searching easy to use. Just click on any location on the map to get the four closest places of interest. Mashspots makes it easy to find places around any location without having to know the address of the location you are searching around, just search for the city you want to search at and click on any location on the map to get the 4 closest search results.

What can I search and where?

MashSpots can be used to search anything in any city. It can be used to search restaurants, hotels, apartments, bars or just anything you can think of. The search will work in most cities around the world - New York, Berlin, Moscow, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Sydney, Bangalore... you name it.

Where are the search results coming from?

MashSpots uses Google Local Search APIs to get search results. MashSpots combines the Google Maps, Google Local Search and Reverse Geocoding technologies to make a more simple and user friendly search tool.

Where can get the MashSpots iPhone App?

MashSpots is available on the Apple AppStore and can be downloaded using iTunes by searching for "mashspots" or click here

What can I do with MashSpots API?

Mashspots API is made available for integration into your own website's contact page to help users easily search places around your office or business. For example a hotel website can integrate MashSpots in their website which makes it easy for customers to search for closest restaurants, bars or theaters around the hotel with having to navigate to other websites.

What is the simplest way to integrate MashSpots API?

The simplest way to add MashSpots is to include an iframe HTML tag like the one below. Just replace the what, where and size values to your need.
<iframe src="" height="400" width="300"></iframe>

Can I get customized APIs?

Yes, customized APIs can be made available on a case by case basis, we can develop APIs to limit search locations to certain cities or have preset search items. Contact MashSpots at with your requrements.

Can I display my own data set instead?

Yes, any data set can be integrated to get Mashspots like service, Contact MashSpots at with details.

What is difference between MashSpots API and MashSpots widget?

MashSpots API will help you to better integrate MashSpots App into your website by allowing you to set the default location and search item. MashSpots Googlee widget does not allow you to set the default location and search item, it will start with a random city and search. MashSpots API is meant for business websites to help their customers to search around the location. MashSpots widget is meant for any blog or website where the default location is not important, it can be added by including a small snippet of code.

How can I access the MashSpots iPhone Web Application?

Open the Safari browser on the iPhone and type "", click on the "+" button on the browser to add the application to the Home screen.

What is the difference between MashSpots Mobile Web App and Native iPhone App?

Mashspots iPhone Web app is Ads supported mobile web version of MashSpots application optimized for mobile devices and can be accessed using the browser on the mobile device. MashSpots iPhone Native App is App designed for iPhone which makes use of GPS and other iPhone features for better user experience.